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Convenient Drop-Off location for FedEx, UPS, and USPS!

Valley's Post Prynt'n Ship is an approved shipper for FedEx, UPS, and USPS in Spokane Valley, WA. As such, we pride ourselves on fast, professional packing and shipping services.

Valley's Post Prynt'n Ship is also authorized as a drop-off location by FedEx and UPS, so if you have pre-paid returns with bar codes ready for the driver's to scan, you can drop off your already packed, taped and labeled shipments at our location to be picked up daily by FedEx and UPS.  If you have your shipping label but need it printed, we can print and tape it onto your package for a nominal fee. 

If you are a business/vendor with a valid FedEx or UPS account, you can drop-off your Ready-For-Shipping  Envelope or Package at our location—at no additional charge.  If you are a business/vendor who regularly drop-off your FedEx or UPS envelopes or packages at our location, we will also accept a percentage of your USPS drop-offs. Note: any additional packaging, taping or labeling needed to finish preparing your shipment may require additional fees. 

NOTE - at this time, we are limiting USPS prepaid drop-offs to Pitney Bowes Returns.  Otherwise, we reserve the request for a nominal drop-off fee of $0.50 per package.  Please note this structure is for fairness to the couriers and other customers, and by helping to keep our prices competitive. 

Mailbox Patrons - in addition to all of your other perks, we will gladly accept ALL of your FedEx, UPS and USPS pre-paid drop-off letters and packages. 

We thank everyone for your understanding and continued patronage.

We accept ready-for-shipment letters and packages for:


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